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Sample Making

Quick sampling is helpful in giving you a sneak peek into the utility of our outfits. With our experienced sampling masters, we make samples much faster to accommodate different demands. Fast sampling quickens delivery time of your product while also helping you see our product line ahead of time.

Make your requests to us so that we will have set designs to feed to our machines and prepare for thorough production.

Knitting Programming

Setting up a particular set of instructions for knitting is necessary for our production process. The knitting programming phase requires understanding of yarns and key principles of seamless knitting machines. This way, we can decide the knitting routes to fulfill even the most complicated patterns in your design.

Our customization can be made easier through our programming phase that dictates on every machine we have the needed steps to be followed.

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Automatic Knitting

Your designs can be easily transformed into real outfits through our automatic knitting process. Using SANTONI seamless knitting machines, we produce garments that have fewer seams for maximum comfort.

With a unique camera and needle bed, we are able to achieve transfer, tuck,eyelet stitch and other pattern knitting functions. We can stitch through various yarns to provide quality seamless activewear with maximum production efficiency.

Quality Control Processes

In Free Market, we value quality in all of our seamless clothing items. We guarantee that all of our seamless activewear meet the requirements of your business. Through our knowledge of the supply chain network, we identify the best yarns and fabrics for our seamless wears.

All of our inspected materials are identified and used while also checking on the machines and their performance. Years of experience have helped our quality control teams monitor all deliveries with much success.

Learm How We Control Quality

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Made-to-Order Dyeing

Eco-friendly and safe to use, our colored dyes are handled by our qualified suppliers. Specify the colors, printing methods and functions you want and we can make it possible through our top of the line dyes.

Dyeing colors: as per PANTONE.

Dyeing methods: Plain dye, dip dye, tie dye, chemical wash, etc.

Addictives for realizing functions: moisture absorption, antibacterial and more.

Dyeing helps realize functions such as fashionability and durability to make your product line stand out while ensuring all-around protection, at more affordable prices.

Cutting & Sewing

In helping with designs, we make use of quality sewing machinery that ensures we avoid small creases and holes being formed in the fabric.

Detailed cutting is possible through automated sewing and cutting that creates the specific forms needed. We also maximize the talents of our experienced sewing staff that understand the strict standards Free Market follows in producing garments.

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Manual Ironing

Being cut and sawn, the seamless clothing are then moved to the ironing workshop.

Free Market handles the ironing process by manual. Controlling a proper temperature and moisture, we make sure the clothing are qualified to be packaged once they are finishing the ironing process.

Every piece of clothing of your order will go through this process and will not reach the next workshop before they are ironed to smoothness and flatness.


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