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Sampling Your Design, Stay True To Your Design

We can quickly deliver a sample of your custom seamless clothing that stays true to your design. Speed and accuracy of our sampling essential to help you make the decision when proceeding with the mass production of your product. You have our word that the whole sampling process is for free, with no hiden cost of service or yarn (not applicable to rare yarns). Our skilled sample making masters have 15 years of experience and access to advance knitting machines. We are capable of settling samples in two times, enabling us to send you an accurate sample of your seamless clothing design within 5 to 10 days.

Manufacturing Department

Understanding Your Design

We go through your designs or concept for your custom seamless clothing carefully. Our team will be in constant communication with you to determine the exact details such as size chart, functions, effect, and much more.

With a clear understanding of your design, we can choose the right yarn and color for your seamless clothes. Our team can set the proper controlling machine speed to utilize a specific material for the sample of your seamless garment.

Knitting Routes Programming

Our experienced sample makers create the knitting program that our innovative knitting and weaving equipment utilize base on your design. The machines we use can create a variety of patterns, no matter how complicated the design is.

We pay close attention to the finest details since the right route design can save time and raw materials. Plotting the knitting routes is the foundation for manufacturing your samples of seamless clothing.

Quality Assurance Department
Purchasing Department

Setting Yarns and Machine

Free Market sample makers move to set the proper yarn and controlling machine speed to our knitting machines after setting the knitting route. Our experience and extensive knowledge of various yarns’ properties enable us to efficiently use raw materials.

Making sure we set our knitting equipment to work on the right yarn guarantee that we can create samples that match your expectations.

The 1st Sampling

We create a rough sampling of your seamless clothing that has some of your expected specifications to help determine the yarns’ performance on our knitting route. The sample can tell us if the current setting can cause holes or weakened tensile strength.

Our sample makers note down the problems and look for solutions such as adjusting the controlling machine speed.

Materials Department Management
Purchasing Department

The 2nd Sampling

After finding the right adjustment that can eliminate all issues found in the first sample, we create the second sample that has no error. Thanks to our sample makers' experience and know-how, we can find the proper settings for our equipment to correct all issues in the first sampling phase.

The final sample we produce has the right balance of concept design and manufacturability. Each of our production processes will not proceed with the final approved sample.

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